Meet Cath and her take on Jewellery

Cath Alexandrine Countess Danneskiold-Samsøe

Flora Danica has invited one of the most intriguing personalities and a multi-expert to share her take on Jewellery with us.

Cath Alexandrine Countess Danneskiold-Samsøe, known for decades as a fashion icon and a muse for the coolest designers in Scandinavia, represents extraordinary diversity. She rocks her exquisite style and professional portfolio across several industries and generously shares her explicit opinions on the world, reminding us that luxury is more intellectual than material and that fundamental values are timeless and apply to any culture.

Cath sees herself as a no man's land – a citizen of the world, a creative observer who is driven to embrace and understand the unknown. Because, as she says; 

"Creativity and love don't have any flags!"
But she humbly admits – when she looks at her Four-Leaf-Clover gold ring;
"life is not always easy, some luck we all need...".

What is your experience with Jewellery, and what qualities do you look for in the perfect piece of Jewellery?

My first jewellery piece was an old 3-carat cushion diamond ring, which I inherited when my father died. It was my Pa's gift to my mommy on a special occasion. Later, I changed its setting from its original romantic design to modern-classic, and since then, I have worn it every day.

Another ring I always wear is my code of arms signet ring which is also very symbolic and dear to me. It represents a time when I gave up everything for love and moved into a world of beautiful heritage after King Christian V.

My real eye-opener on the world of Jewellery was an introduction to Maharaja jewellery collections via one of my friends - the descendant of Maharaja Kapurthala, and also when viewing unique pieces made by the world's most recognised jewellery houses and Jewellery preowned by women like Wallis Simpson, Liz Taylor etc. that were on sales at major international auction houses.

My preferred Jewellery must represent meaningful symbols, express affection, and have genuine craftsmanship and heritage. They must touch me with their story or a philosophical statement which I can identify with.

It is like with art... It is not about decoration or an artist's name alone...

What is your preferred style?

I love both contemporary and antique styles. Both maximalism and minimalism appeal to me. It is all about great taste, sophistication, and balance. I am a woman who would be delighted to live a side of Marie-Antoinette, or during the 1920s, the 1950s, now, and in the future.

As for the design, I am fascinated by the pieces referencing the world of animals and especially nature.

Working with gardening, planting trees and roses, and putting so much love and care into it... it is like passionately creating nutrition and life. It could not be more inspiring and symbolic when expressed in Jewellery. When Jewellery is born out of or dedicated to big emotions, the bond with the owner will last forever.

How did you discover Flora Danica Jewellery?

Coincidently really. And it was love at first sight.
I saw a gold brooch as a Four-Leaf-Clover pinned in a man's jacket. It looked like it was designed by nature, found in the grass, brushed with pure gold and pinned into a tweed jacket of a perfect gentleman. And shortly after, I learned that it was, in a way, true...

We all are happy for Four-Leaf Clover, knowing that it is a powerful symbol of positivity and good fortune, and each leaf represents faith, hope, love, and luck. What's not to love, right?

I learned that THIS specific brooch originated in 1952 when Flora Danica Jewellery developed its concept of making Jewellery based on nature's unique designs by gilding and immortalising flowers. Which was unique and exceptional. I never found such a beautiful and authentically looking Four-Leaf-Clover as this one created by Flora Danica Jewellery. 

I fell instantly in love with its design and the story behind it.

This beautiful but quite "shy" brand's unique story has been untold, with only a few exceptions. One was when Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II ordered a brooch designed by the Queen and given to all guests at the royal couple's silver wedding. Later Flora Danica designed and produced a tiara for HRH Princess Marie. The tiara was based on Flora Danica's collection, French Lily, to express the love story between The Prince & The Princess.

The brand has been visibly reborn now and proudly pays tribute to its wonderful heritage. And its symbols of affection, life, love and more are the ground for Flora Danica Jewellery's creation now and for the future.

So here you go – I have found a new dream piece to wear on an everyday basis:
My Four-Leaf-Clover ring in 18 karat gold for Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck. Because, as I said... some luck we all need...

Cath Alexandrine Countess Danneskiold-Samsøe is an experienced Creative Consultant, Content Creator, Editor, and Curator with a demonstrated history of working with Art Advisory, Publishing, and Corporate Strategic Branding & Communication (Luxury Industry), Design, and Art Direction. Cath Alexandrine D-S has an extensive history of curatorial art projects, among others, at The Art Museum Vejle and Cath Alexandrine Danneskiold-Samsøe Gallery. Cath Alexandrine D-S has a history of writing art reviews, fashion/lifestyle articles published in Luxury Aficionados, and a series of culture columns in Alt for Damerne. She was a Publisher and Editor in chief of the magazine Beredskab, incl. conducting Keynote interviews with high-profile politicians and key business people (2013-2018).

Venlig hilsen Team Flora Danica